The focus of our project is climate change and its effect on our seasons. Throughout centuries poets have been heralding the seasons as the corner stones in a cyclic and holistic vision of our lifeworld. What we are seeing today is that this world is now deteriorating. The central idea of this project is that in order to avoid this scenario we must change ourselves before we can change the world. We must change the way we think, the way we consume and the way we act in accordance with mother earth. We can do this by integrating female and male values in our individual lives. The climate catastrophe at hand is borne forward by a one-sided focus on growth, efficiency, volume and value. This set of values, which are traditionally male, must be balanced by the cyclic, slow, qualitative and stabile. We are working with the 17 Sustainable goals sat out by the UN, especially goal #5; Equal rights between men and women. The CHERISH project is combining a global agenda with a local initiative and an inner movement of each individual involved. In practice we are doing this by creating a larger foliage of cherry blossoms made of paper and hung from the ceiling of the church. This canopy of bright pink flowers contrasts and compliments the stark authority of the Copenhagen Marble-church. Under it we will hold a symposium on 17 UN SDG goals, where community work, concerts, debates and events points to the relation between seasons, mother-tongue, poetry, activism and philosophy. The program will be put together with artists, thinkers and debaters from here and abroad, while local communities and institutions help realize the art-installation itself.